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Tea and Chinese Culture Workshops

Tea and Chinese Culture Workshops 2017-10-11T13:53:55+00:00

Project Description

be8a54fd0129501b03639424a9b70b9c-150x150Introduction to Chinese Tea Culture

Peruse a wholesale tea market where your certified tea expert will introduce you to the world of tea through a multi-sensory experience.  You’ll learn about the different categories of teas, examine and identify them by leaf, and discover which teas are suited to your taste.  As you sample, your certified tea expert will facilitate conversation between you and the vendors as you hear their personal stories and learn of each tea’s characteristics and health benefits. This immersive experience will have you walk away fully enlightened.

green_teas1-150x150Sensory Evaluation of Green Teas

Do all green teas taste alike? Have you ever tasted a green tea and couldn’t put your finger on how to describe the flavor? Colorful adjectives ranging from orchid to shea butter are professional but they don’t mean anything if you’ve never smelled or tasted them. During this class, compare and contrast various greens and discover how their flavors are crafted by the six basic steps of tea production. Then put your taste buds to the test by discovering the art of sensory evaluation. Develop your skills with a simple vocabulary and technique to help define what you’re tasting based on your own personal experience. Finally, learn how to use sensory evaluation to determine good quality tea.

wulongs-quality_tea1-150x150Tea: WuLongs-from Savory to Smoky

Wulongs (Oolongs) are an entire category of teas grouped this way because of its partially oxidized production method. Guangdong, Taiwan, and Fujian province are the three major production areas, and each has its own characteristic recipe. Your certified tea expert has selected knowledgeable vendors who will offer tastings while we learn how wulongs developed over the years. From rich, full-bodied rock wulongs to fresh and floral ‘monkey-picked’ styles, you’ll be surprised at the complex and diverse flavors that will tease your palate.


1 guest, priced per person, per each 2- hour course US$180.00

2 guests, priced per person, per each 2- hour course US$125.00

Each additional guest, add US$50.00

Children 12 and under, add US$25.00

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Tea and Chinese Culture Workshops

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