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Beyond Tea Culture Tours

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Project Description

Beyond Tea Culture Tours

Experience Shanghai from a local’s cultural perspective as we visit a Daoist or Buddhist temple to learn about China’s 3 core philosophies and how they influence modern society, drop by a Chinese medicine pharmacy to learn about the traditional use of Chinese medicine and maybe pick up a remedy for something that ails you, too – or lastly, maybe venture to the Propaganda Poster Museum, tucked away in the basement of a residential apartment complex to see a private collection of powerful Propaganda art dated from 1949 – 1970’s. The bird and cricket market is also a definite must!

Explore other aspects of Chinese culture within the city of Shanghai. Meals and public transport are additional but minimal cost, or contact us to arrange a private car and driver.

Introduction to Tea culture plus half day experience (select two options below)


1 guest, priced per person, per each 2- hour experience US$300.00

2 guests, priced per person, per each 2- hour experience US$200.00

Each additional guest, add US$50.00

Children 12 and under, add US$38.00

Introduction to Tea Culture plus full day experience (select four options below)


1 guest, priced per person, per each full day experience US$420.00

2 guests, priced per person, per each full day experience US$260.00

Each additional guest, add US$75.00

Children 12 and under, add US$50.00


20090628_shanghai_wen_miao_0564Daoist or Buddhist Temple

Learn about China’s three core philosophies and how they influence modern society.  Compare and contrast the differences and learn how they harmoniously exist in a country that places government over religion. Differences in temple architecture style is notable between the two and your guide will expand on the styles and philosophies that they represent.

hall-confucius-temple-cu1-150x150Confucius School with Incense Ceremony

Shanghai’s only former Confucius school is surprisingly serene and free from tour groups due to its hidden location. It provides an insightful and entertaining study into how Confucius single-handedly changed China’s ruling class system that led to the collapse of the last dynasty.  Participate in an incense-burning ceremony to wish for academic or career success.

shanghai_yuyuan_gardenClassic Chinese Garden of Yu Yuan

Nestled among the Yu Garden mecca of shopping, tea shops, and restaurants, lies the walled garden estate of Yu Yuan. This tour provides a thorough explanation of the estate’s traditional architecture, symbolism, and landscaping, and describes the privileged life of a retired government official during the 1500s.

cmarketBird & Cricket Market

Visit Shanghai’s oldest bird & cricket market to learn about the ancient practice of grasshopper collection and cricket fighting. We’ll discuss the middle class pastime of bainong culture, and discover how walnut collecting can improve your health.

china-pharmacyChinese Medicine Pharmacy

Learn about the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and explore the full range of health options from the unusual to the mundane.  Pick up a few simple and inexpensive TCM remedies of your own.

propaganda-art-centerPropaganda Poster Museum

Hidden away in the basement of a residential apartment complex lies the city’s best-kept secret: a private collection of propaganda art from 1949 until the 1970s. Let this powerful and insightful art form offer a glimpse into China’s political history-its surprising successes and regrettable failures. Dominating the theme is criticism of ‘imperialist’ countries such as the USA and Great Britain.

French-Concession-ShanghaiFormer French Concession

In this crowded and colorful area of Shanghai, traditional venues and quirky shops vie for the intrepid traveler’s attention. Here you will discover the flavor of Shanghai during the period when foreign concessions dominate the landscape and created the international influence that embodies the city to this day. You will enjoy walking the tree lined streets while viewing stunning villas and the city’s unique shikumen homes.

shanghai-bundThe Bund

Shanghai’s well-known riverfront promenade embodies both the city’s humiliation by ‘foreign imperialists’ and it’s dramatic rise to the financial capital of China. This walk will feature stories about the Bund’s most iconic buildings and how its development changed over the past 150 years. Visit the Peace Hotel, known for it’s dramatic art deco interior and the colorful stories of its 1920’s developer.

shikumenXintiandi / Site of the First Congress of the Communist Party

An urban attraction that embodies the historical legacy of the city infused with international boutiques, restaurants, and galleries, it also contains the site of the founding of the Communist party. The vision of the developer has proven so successful that the word “Xintiandi” has become an adjective describing other similarly developed areas throughout China, and has become the place for the post 80s generation to see and be seen.  Visit the Shikumen Open House museum and tour the First Congress site to develop a deeper understanding of why Communism was the best solution for China at the time.

migrant-housing-shanghai-lo5bcrpe0gmyz6k1mofn1uz9oxafz5ax4m463597nkOld City Exploration

Wandering through the disappearing old city neighborhoods, resident’s lives are dramatically exposed as doors are wide open and daily chores are done outside. Here one can observe the city’s oldest architecture while street food vendors tempt you with their sizzling woks. A colorful produce and live seafood market offers insight into Chinese cuisine.

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Shanghai Beyond Tea Tours

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